Analysis3D Structural Engineering Software

Download Free FEA Software for Structural and Civil Engineering and Design.

Powerful Finite Element Analysis software for Structural Engineering of Steel construction of Frame and Truss Design.
Small and easy to use FEA analysis, with a user friendly Windows interface to make your life easy.
Engineering calculator with large library of commonly used sections included (AISC, British Steel, DIN, Euronorm).
finite element analysis

All member forces and member stresses can be visualised.

truss design

Truss Calculator that includes Detailed Structural Steel Design: with Plastic Design,  Elastic Design and Eurocode 3. Analysis3D recommends the best section.

engineering calculator

Download Analysis3D v 2.05 (620 kB)

The downloaded Zip-file contains several examples and a detailed help file to get you going quickly. After downloading Analysis, please create a new directory (e.g. "\Analysis3D"), unzip the downloaded file ( to the new directory and run the executable file (Analysis3D.exe).  

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