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Powerful Finite Element Analysis software for Structural and civil Engineering of Steel constructions like Trusses or Frames.
Compact and easy to use FEA analysis, with a user-friendly Windows interface to make your life easy.

Engineering calculator with large library of commonly used sections included (US AISC, UK British Steel, DIN, Eurocode, Australia and New Zealand, China GB, Russia GOST, India BIS and Timber). On request, this list can be easily expanded or amended to fit your needs.


Nonlinear or 2nd order Calculation that takes into account the deformed structure and incrementally calculates the total effect on the structure.


Analysis of Structural Systems with Structural Steel Design that includes: Plastic Design, Elastic Design, Eurocode, AISC-ASD89 and AISC-LRFD93 to improve and optimize the members of the structure. Analysis3D validates the strength of each member and proposes the minimal Cross Section for the loads applied.


finite element analysis

Each cross-section is tested for:


•  Plastic Tension or Compression

•  Bending moment (major and minor axis)

•  Plastic Shear resistance

•  Torsion (Saint Venant and Warping torsion)

•  Reduced plastic shear resistance for the case of combined Torsion and Shear.

•  Reduced moment resistance for the case of combined Bending and Shear

•  Reduced plastic moment resistance for the case of combined Bending and Axial force or bi-axial bending

•  Compression buckling

•  Lateral Torsional buckling

•  Combined bending and axial compression (Chen and Atsuta)

 •  Maximum deflection




truss design


Download Analysis3D v2.10 - Installation file



Examples included to help you getting started



All member forces and member stresses can be visualised easily.

Truss and Beam Calculator that includes Detailed Structural Steel Design: with Plastic Design, Elastic Design, Eurocode 3, AISC-ASD and AISC-LRFD. Analysis3D recommends the minimum cross section for the load applied to optimize the beams of the structure.


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